Getting a home loan is not an everyday thing.

Just to call up all the banks in printable writers workshop paper Singapore to get a quotation is no easy feat. And to try to understand all the jargons and compare what is offer?

How to even start?

With us, we will make the process simple and painless for you. Simply start off by choosing the service you required.

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Does the bank have fixed or floating interest rates?

As if bank loans are not already confusing enough, there are now fixed and floating interest rates. Learn the pros and cons of both in a layman manner, and which is the most suitable type of rate to take up, based on your current financial situation.

How long should the loan tenure be stretched for?

The duration of your loan tenure dictates how soon you get to have passive income as part of your retirement fund, instead of still paying the bank at 65. Get an extensive assessment of how many years to comfortably pay off your housing loan, and how to reduce that number drastically.

How inflated do the interest rates get, especially from the 4th year onwards?

Many couples tend to be seduced by the attractively low bank interest rates of between 0.5-1% for the first 3 years. But they don’t realise is that interest rates skyrockets to between 1.5-2.5% from the 4th year onwards. (It’s stated in the loan contract, which is usually not read thoroughly)

How eligible are you to apply for a housing loan from bank?

There are a variety of factors to look into before you make an application for a housing loan from a bank. To cut a long story short, factors like your debt servicing ratio, credit score, income, source of income and your “net worth” all come into play in determining whether your loan application is successful. More of this if we do get a chance to meet up to talk about it.

How long are the lock-in periods for the respective banks?

The lock-in period of each bank’s loan is one of the most important, yet overlooked factors during a potential loanee’s decision process.
The lock-in period decides whether or not you get a chance to refinance and go with another bank, if you’ve opted in for a floating rate package and the rates are hiking too fast.
I will also explain all of these in basic terms for easier understanding, and steer you into making the right decision for maximum cash savings.


Winnie was referred to me by a friend to help manage my personal financial loans in the area of property investment and property loan structuring.
I was very pleased with her deliverables. She is very committed to her work and her advice is also creatively effective. As such, I was able to save some expenses in terms of interest and also explore investment opportunities that were not known to me in the past.
She is also very professional to deal with and quick to respond. I am more than happy to provide reference for her work!
Mr Phua -

My wife and I recently purchased a new BTO unit and we looking to promptly secure the financing through a private institution mortgage.
Having started with very basic and minimally effective online loan comparison tools, the introduction of Miss Winne Au by a friend was a blessing in our quest to sign off on a mortgage loan with the most competitive terms and conditions.
Winnie handled all the communications and negotiations with the major banks, saving us valuable time which we used to spend with our kids. She basically made a potentially tedious and timing-consuming process hassle-free!
Winnie swiftly shortlisted the best offers on the market and comprehensively explained to us the pros and cons of each package with great clarity. She was, and STILL is, on hand to respond to any additional queries we had throughtout the selection process. She also managed to explain to us clearly all the uncommon jargon, which enabled us to confidently select the mortgage plan that was the best for us.
And if that wasn’t good enough service, Winnie went the extra mile and got us a further discounted rate than the one originally stated, to our surprise and delight. The eventual rate was more competitive than any quotation received from personal or online banking services.
We highly recommend the services of Miss Winnie Au and would also greatly recommend her services to any of our friends or acquaintances seeking a mortgage loan!
Remi Pallaro and Li Wenbo -

Got to know about Wing Yee through a mutual friend who recommended her as a broker who ''knows her stuff''. To be honest, when I first saw her, I was thinking deep down: ''She definitely looks way too young to be that experienced''…But boy, was I wrong... big time! From her detailed explanation of how TDSR works, and all those ever so confusing ratios which had to be considered, Wing Yee was really thorough and patient in her explanations.I was really weary of all the administrative burden with such applications but it was a total breeze with her at the helm, as she took care of everything.Before I know it, the loan got approved and everything just fell in place.I would highly recommend Wing Yee to assist anyone who may require services of this nature!
Wee Kiat -

I had engaged Wing Yee from Mortgage Fusion to refinance my housing loan.The entire process was fast and hassle-free. She was professional and polite in her communication. I appreciate that she helped to lower the fees involved. She also followed through in ensuring that my application was processed timely. I would definitely recommend my friends to her
June -

Greeting to you.
I have been wanting to send my appreciation since our last chat and I sincerely apologize for my slow action. Working late including the coordination for my new place has kept me extremely busy. However, it was not an excuse for me to miss my gratitude for your service you have rendered. Thank you!
You have created conveniences for me for this entire process. You are always on time. Your patience and preciseness created product understanding for me. Your rational suggestions conveniences my decisions. I am glad that your timely follow up including connections with my banker and legal firm regarding submission eased my tension. While my experiences with others service providers was not as promising compared to yours, you made a difference ! It was value added and I sincerely enjoyed this process.
Once again, thank you and I appreciate it very much ! Best regards,
Kin Bak Kwang -

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